Features Of A Sailboat

Features Of A Sailboat

We have heard about many means of transportation. Water transport is also an effective mode of transportation. It is a good way to enjoy nature at its best by sailing in a sea, ocean or river. The sailboat is a medium to travel short distances which helps us to enjoy nature with adventure. This boat is comparatively smaller in size compared to a normal boat. It is majorly used in fun activities and sporting. The basic difference between the ship and this boat is their marine culture and region.

Features Of A Sailboat
Features Of A Sailboat

Components Of A Sailboat: 

There are 8 important parts of a sailboat. Keel, rudder, boom, hull, mainsail, mast, tiller as well as the jib. It is symmetrical in shape which helps the boat to balance.

Purpose Of A Sailboat: 

Boats have been in use since early civilization. Initially, they were built using logs and reeds. The boats are designed in such a way that they can be used for multiple purposes like transportation, rescue operations, military purposes, fishing, boating as well as sports. To generate power various options such as wind peddles and engines can be used whereas a sailboat uses only wind as an option to generate power. These boats were the initial mode of water transport invented by man, which were used long before ships and speedboats came into the picture. 

Types Of Sailboat:

1. Dinghy: This is a small open sailboat which is usually used for recreation, as well as sail training purpose. The dinghy is very popular among the youth sailing program as it is very easy to operate with minimum maintenance. 

2. Sloop: This type of sailboat is very common these days. It has one mast and two sails.

Features Of A Sailboat
Features Of A Sailboat

Difference Between A Boat And A Yacht:

Boat and yacht are considered to be the same which is not the case. A yacht is considered to be a larger boat or ship. The word yacht is derived from the Dutch language which means light. It is a craft that sails fast. Whereas a sailboat is smaller in size and uses wind as the power to move forward.

3. Schooner: Schooner is designed in such a way that it has a taller mainmast than the foremast which makes it different from a ketch or a yawl. The specialty of this is that it can have more than two masts.

4. Ketch: Ketches appear to be the same as a sloop but there is a second shorter mast behind the mainmast which is forward of the rudder post. 

5. Yawl: The feature of a yawl is similar to a Ketch. It has a shorter median mast which is behind the rudder post which helps to maintain balance.

These are some of the popular types of Sailboat. 

The advantage of a sailboat is that it is easy to operate as well as has a very low maintenance cost. It is also considered a good option for recreation. It also provides an option to enjoy nature, feeling the breeze. These boats also provide many ways of entertainment, which also help to stay connected with friends and family.

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