Conquer The World By Sailing It

Conquer The World By World Sailing

Most of the people have a common wish in their bucket list, to sail the world but ask how many will pursue it, and you will find a number you can count on your fingers. World Sailing is hugely popular yet not everyone goes on that journey.

This is not uncommon considering world sailing requires you to either leave your job or take a sabbatical, not to forget the various costs associated with it. If you are a novice sailor, it requires some in-depth study before you embark on your journey or the assistance of a professional sailor throughout your journey.

Also, life on a sailboat is very different from life on land and this might intimidate certain people who wanted to try. Is it tough to take on world sailing? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Some Tips

Conquer The World By World Sailing
Conquer The World By World Sailing

If you are looking to sail around the world, here are some tips and tricks which can help you achieve that goal while still tackling some of the problems mentioned above.

1.       Get a job as a sailing crew. Some of these jobs might require certain qualifications but sailing around the world requires a lot of hands-on-deck. You could be the engineer, steward, chef, deckhand, etc. This way you not only accomplish your goal of world sailing but also get paid while you are at it.

2.       Volunteer your time on smaller sailboats. This can be a great option if you are not looking to invest time, money and energy of getting qualified for proper sailing crew jobs. You could approach the owners of a small-time sailboat and offer your time as a volunteer. Most of them are looking for some extra hands anyway and you will be an easy pick if you have some basic set of skills of a carpenter, chef, plumber, etc.

More Tips On World Sailing

3.       Get on a sailboat cruise. In case, you want to go world sailing but do not have a boat or any sailing skills, a sailboat cruise is perfect for you. A lot of sailboat cruises go around the entire world (and parts of the world, so it is your pick really). You can enjoy the beauty of sailing the world without owning a boat or knowing how to sail one. 

4.       Arrange for a boat share. This works if you know friends or family that have similar interests as you. While buying a boat and sailing it all by yourself looks and feels like a long shot, it is not that difficult when done in a group. You could pool in resources to either buy a boat or rent one and could divide and take care of the different aspects of sailing amongst the group. This will be one hell of a trip.

Some Things To Keep In Mind While World Sailing

Conquer The World By World Sailing
Conquer The World By World Sailing

While sailing the world is as fascinating as people claim it to be. There are some things you should keep in mind before hopping onto a sailboat to see the world:

1.       If the sea makes you seasick, it is not a great idea to embark on a journey as expensive as this.

2.       Sailing the world means you interact with people who are on the boat, nothing more and nothing less. If the socialite inside of you needs to meet as well as see new people every other day, this might not be for you.

3.       Also, this means that the weather pretty much dictates where you can and cannot go – if this causes anxiety, you might want to consider sailing of some other sort.

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