Big Wave Expertise Help Quantium-Powered Teams Win In 2018

Operating the boat in the wavy ocean and taking challenges as experiences are more than sportsmen spirit. Sailing needs a team to make it possible to reach the destination safely and comfortably. The unit should be able to fight any weather or technical challenges. Such a team has won the race in 2018, New York Yacht Club Race Week. It was a challenging race, as there were big waves. Bur sailors were big wave expertise. There was steadiness in winds and the light wing sailing.

Factors to be considered in the race:

Leeward/windward courses

Flatwater sailing

Narragansett Bay’s weather condition 

Out sessions

Big Wave Expertise Help Quantium-Powered Teams Win In 2018
Big Wave Expertise Help Quantium-Powered Teams Win In 2018

How Big Wave Expertise Won?

Proper rig and weather forecasts were vital for the race. The team can reach the podium; hence, they focused on small details that should be done each day consistently. The condition of the sea was grave. SO, it was challenging for the boats that were sailing outside. Trimmers, drivers, and crew had a tremendously enjoyable communication to get most out of the teamwork. It is not essential to expertise the race. Knowledge only may not be winning artifice. Performing each task and planning completion for each day can make you a winner. Path away for winners:

  • Managing situational drills
  • Speed attention
  • Minimize mistakes
  • Superior tactics

From the above factors, tactics play a significant role. Tactics develop by practice only. There are dummy races before the final sprint to understand the difficulties sailors have to pass. They will gradually learn the team communication and how to handle big waves. Sailors are supposed to be the prominent wave experts by practicing.

Managing Waves: Big Wave Expertise

As mentioned earlier, the state of the sea, during Race Week, ended up. Especially IRC boats that were sailing outside had to face many difficulties. Sailing downward? Focus on three factors, pressure, angle, and subtle steering. Which team may win? Consider the following points:

  • Easy reefing
  • Deck-sweeping genius
  • Spinnaker pole
  • Mark halyards
  • Anchoring with ground tackle
  • Fit cockpit/ bimini/ sunshade
  • Sail lightly downwind
  • Good sunscreen
  • Protecting clothes
  • Cockpit table
  • Food for refrigeration
  • Avoid spinnakers at night
  • Sail with the kite up at night
Big Wave Expertise Help Quantium-Powered Teams Win In 2018
Big Wave Expertise Help Quantium-Powered Teams Win In 2018

In a well run and fair regatta, sailors get the fantastic opportunity to get into the real experience of racing. Race week, Newport is the event that every passionate sailor wants to attend once in his/her life. Athletes from all around the world come here to visit the competition with experienced and professional sailors. You will be honored to see the competition level, and also there is a lot of excitement in supporting your favorite team. Teams perform excellently on board. Boats sailing on the board, enthusiastic sailors, and viewers excitement fill the environment with new life. Congratulations to all winners, especially podium winners. Here we have listed the winners. Check out the list. 

1st Place IRC 2: Austin & Gwen Fragomen’s Interlodge IV

First Place IRC 3: Paul Zabetakis:  Impetuous

1st Place PHRF Navigator: Sandra Askew’s Flying Jenny

1st Place J/109: Bill Sweetser’s Rush

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