Beach Shade To Relax On The Beach

Beach Shade Ultralight Sun Tent

The famous common product is a beach shade these days. You can find everywhere on beaches, playgrounds, stadiums, sports courts, amphitheaters, high schools, car dealerships and parking lots.

The main reason behind the popularity is the protection that it provides you from sunlight and UV rays. The benefits are not just limited to sunlight protection but a lot more. First, discuss the UV rays that can cause great damage to your skin.

Stubborn melasma is the depressing skin condition that happens due to sun exposure. The  UV rays affect you even in the winter days and increase the damage. Long stays under the sun can amplify the risk of cancer.

The beach shades protect you from UV rays and work as a barrier to save you from wind dust rain or snow. The fabric shade allows the air to pass through and keep the area cool and airy. With this convenient product, people freely enjoy outdoor activities and a beach picnic. Shades shelter you during your outdoor sports or fun activities.

Beach Shade Ultralight Sun Tent

Beach Shade Ultralight Sun Tent

You can take rest or keep your longing safe underneath the shade. Here we bring for you the best beach shade that gives you a cool atmosphere under the tent. If you are planning for beach trips then it is a perfect product for you in your outdoor adventures. we all know getting tanned skin texture is possible on beaches but excessive sun exposure can be dangerous and put you in trouble by damaging your skin.

If you have a tent you can take a break and relax for a little while under the tent and enjoy the panorama with a cool breeze. The tent gives you a completely comfortable place for rest. 

It comes with a variety of features and benefits


Beach Shade Ultralight Sun Tent
  • Open view
  • Easy access
  • User-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Short bag for carrying the tent
  • Best for beach and camping tours
  • The material used is polyester, coating pole, fiberglass, Nylon
  • 210 x 100 x 105cm size
  • 54 x 7 x 7cm bag size
  • 3x pole, 4x sandbags, 4 pegs, 1x tent, 1 carry bag, 1 band


Necessary tools are added in every package. You can easily carry the tent with the help of a bag that stores almost everything. The tent is not covered from the front and rear side so it may not be suitable for all types of camping but with the help of this tent, you can enjoy the full view while staying under shade.

Fixing a tent isn’t very much a science project. It is very easy to put the tent. All you need is to secure the main pole in the center of the tent and fix other shorter poles in the X shape directions. Use strips to secure the poles and spread the tent over the poles. Tie the sandbags every corner sand will put the weight and won’t let the tent move away


There are not very many cons in this product but in some cases, durability can be questioned. But the affordable price and number of benefits make this question ambiguous.

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