5 Must-Visit Caribbean Locations Full Of Pirate Lore

If you are tired of going beaches on your vacation, then you must visit the Caribbean locations. If you are searching for the popular Caribbean locations, then you are on the right page. Here, I am going to give you five Caribbean locations that you must visit. These locations are full of oral history, music, fairy tales, etc told by the pirates. You can have great fun at these places, and thus, you can spend your holidays instead of going anywhere else.

5 Must-Visit Caribbean Locations Full Of Pirate Lore
5 Must-Visit Caribbean Locations Full Of Pirate Lore

Five Must-Visit Caribbean Locations

Here are the five Caribbean locations that you must visit.

Fort Barrington, Antigua A Caribbean Location

 At this place, you can see plenty of living history of pirates. At Antigua, numerable number of pirates landed. Thus, you can know enough stuff about the pirates. You can get a view of the battlefield between Prince Rupert and pirate. Get out up to the highest point of Fort Barrington, here you will be able to see the battlefield between Prince Rupert and pirate and remains of a gun emplacement, archaeological. Thus, visiting this location can be helpful for you as you can have a lot of fun here.

Cayman Brac Caves, Cayman Islands A Caribbean Location

The people who tried to settle here were, attacked by pirates. This place was, populated only by lizards, turtles, and alligators. Thus, This Islands was, remained uninhabited until the 1660s. On this island in many areas, the pirates and privateers were active for many years. Around the Cayman Islands, there was a notorious pirate known as Blackbeard. His real name was Edward Teach. He used to operate in the waters around this island. Many experts say that there is a hidden treasure buried by this pirate on this island. Hence, visiting this island can be adventuress for you.  

5 Must-Visit Caribbean Locations Full Of Pirate Lore
5 Must-Visit Caribbean Locations Full Of Pirate Lore

Sail On A Pirate Ship, St. Lucia

On this location, kids can enjoy very much as they can experience a real pirate of the Caribbean, what it would be like. This place is best for family vacations as it has many things do enjoy, namely:

  • Firing the black powder cannons
  • Dressing up like a real pirate
  • Walking the plank
  • Swinging from the yardarms

Thus, here you and your family can enjoy different types of activities. Hence, this place is the best Caribbean location that you must visit.

Fort George Cay, Turks, And Caicos Islands

This tiny island in the year 1800 was home to a small British fort. This small island of Fort George Cay is in between the Parrot Cay and Pine Cay. The remains of the large cannons can be, found in the clear water beneath a few feet. This tiny island was having a high rate of piracy, once. When you visit this place, then you may hear the ghost echoes of the cannonballs firing. Thus, a great place to travel. Hence, you can enjoy this place.   

Pirate Week Festival, Cayman Islands

The annual Pirates Week Festival is, hosted by the Cayman Islands. This place is, organized by many events. Thus, you will enjoy it here very much. Every year to watch the spectacle, thousands of people line the streets. Hence, visiting this place at this time can be great fun and refreshing moment for you.  

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